The Final Assembly before manufacturing. Chassis Design Team Members: Michael Perez and Gabi Paczolay, Drive Train subsystem lead: Kasey Sugano, suspension design: Michael Perez and Kalani Wenger Body and Aerodynamics: Gabi Paczolay and Peter Agcanas. Fabrication and Assembly: Kasey Sugano, Kalani Wenger, Peter Agcanas, Gabi Paczolay and Michael Perez

Final Assembly on Race Day

Final calibration  and testing before mounting the body

Final Body Design and aerodynamic analysis. Gabi Paczolay

Micro Formula was a 5 member team based project that was done to fulfill the ME 213 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design class's semester long requirement at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Dep.t of Mechanical Engineering led by the instructor and department chair Dr. Mehrdad N. Ghasemi Nejhad. The objective of the project was to learn Solidworks Modeling and to execute Finite Element Analysis while building and designing a remote controlled formula car. The project encompassed designing and manufacturing a chassis and suspension, mounting electronic drive train components and designing a body with aerodynamic wings to generate maximum downforce due to the ultra light aluminum and carbon fibre construction and minimum drag for optimal handling and acceleration. As I was subsystem lead  on the body and wing design of the project by virtue of my design experience in Istituto Europeo di Design Turin Italy, this latter part of this project required me to learn flow simulation in Solidworks on my own, as well as elementery fluid analysis to calculate Reynold's Number and optimize the Aerodynamic Drag coeffecient of the project. 

Micro Formula Project

Vivid imagery for world class design

Above is the air flow simulations I ran for my two body proposals. The left most one was the proposal selected due to its superior aerodynamic characteristicss

Assembled internal components. Michael Perez, Kasey Sugano, Kalani Wenger, Peter Agcanas, Gabi Paczolay